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solviva health


. The treatment is completely based on the highly logical and scientific system of medicine which is gentle, rapid and without any side effects. The clinic specializes in Allergies, Polycystic ovarian disease, Female disorders, Rheumatoid arthritis, Joint problems & Child disorders. As per many sources, Homeopathic treatment do not have side-effects and one of the safe & reliable way to cure chronic diseases like Allergies, Asthma, Female Disorders which are usually not having any cure in Allopathy. The clinic is located in the heart of the city of mohali in an area with other prominent medical facilities like ivy , and fortis. The state of the art infrastructure aims at giving its patients a comfortable and welcoming set up so as to make them feel at home when meeting their physician. This comfort helps in enhancing the treatment effectiveness. To have a peep into the ambience search “Solviva Health”on Google and you will come across the modern infrastructural outlook. The effectiveness of the homeopathic treatment also depends on the homeopathic medicine dispensing as prescribed by the physician. Here we offer you an open pharmacy system where the homeopathic medicines are prepared and dispensed right in front of you so as to keep up to the faith and efficacy of the homeopathic treatment . No pre-packed medicine system is followed. The medicines are converted into doses and prescribed as per the doctors advise to avoid any mess and mistake in your treatment. As we are dealing with chronic diseases related to skin, respiratory, joints, hormonal imbalances , hairfall etc. We aim at restoring the health of the patient in the expected time interval to help him overcome with his sufferings. We welcome people from all age groups with an array of chronic illnesses and help them to feel at home with their doctor so as to help them share all their worries and hence strengthening the relationship with the doctor who then moves on to be his/her family doctor. Our patients speak of us as ambassadors of good health and healthy relationship with them. Solviva Health is one of the first of it’s kind in dealing with the chronic conditions by means of classical and scientific homeopathic practices and a logical understanding of the diseases through array of international disease related protocols, subjective and objective follow up, photographic comparisons. We have successfully completed 4 years in offering quality homeopathic treatment services with a patient satisfaction rate of 95%. Contact: Name:SolvivaHealth E-Mail: