8th Edition of International Conference on Chemistry Education and Research


8th Edition of International Conference on Chemistry Education and Research is going to be held in Zurich, Switzerland on August 27-28, 2018. Chemistry Education 2018 spreads an extensive range of critically important sessions from basic research to recent innovations. It is particularly based on learning and sharing knowledge on current research and enormous applications of pharmaceutical sciences and chemistry. The main theme of the conference is "Emerging Trends, Advancements and Applications in Chemistry Education”. Eminent Scientists and Research Professors in the field of Chemistry Education, Junior and Senior Research Fellows, Students, Directors of Chemical Research Companies, Chemical Engineers, Members of Chemistry Associations, Exhibitors from Chemical Industries and Delegates from various Pharma and Instrumental companies from all over the world are welcomed to attend the prestigious Chemistry Education Conferences. Meta keywords: Chemistry Education Conferences, Chemistry Education conferences USA, Chemistry Education Conferences Europe, Chemistry Education Congress Middle East, Chemistry Education Asia, Chemistry Education South Africa, Chemistry Education meetings 2018 Meta description: Meet leading Chemists, Researchers, Analysts, Exhibitors and Professors from Zurich, Switzerland, Austria, Ireland, UK, Italy. Chemistry Conferences are opportunities to improve research work and application of the latest developments in the specialty.