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Clinical Research Organization


Pepgra is a leading global provider of scientific, clinical and medical communication services to pharmaceutical, biotech, device companies and researchers, scholars, academic societies and publishers. The mission of Pepgra is to translate clinical research and enable sustainable growth through effective medical communication. To achieve the mission, we help science break through the confines of language and geography by offering world-class publication support, medical writing, transcription, translation and animation and illustration services. Pepgra Healthcare office is located in Dallas, Texas and also in UK, India, China, and Malaysia. We have more than 100,000 individuals working across the globe and expertise across over 300 scientific discipline. We are a team of creative, highly qualified and experienced professionals who are committed to achieving complete client satisfaction through timely quality work. We rank high amongst the few full-service organizations that include clinical research, clinical monitoring, bioavailability/ bioequivalence and post-marketing study/ surveillance. Contact us at : IND:+91 8754446690 US:+1-972-502-9262 UK:+44-1143520021