plastic and polyurethane cube molds


Plastic & Polyurethane Cube Moulds are the latest innovation in construction industry. Zeal International is the first Indian company to manufacture international quality, one-piece cube moulds. These strong & light weight moulds are better than conventional Cast Iron moulds as they are easy to maintain, and have longer life. Being made from Hard Plastic or Polyurethane, these moulds are undeformable, resistant to vibrations and shocks. These moulds are one-piece moulds, they do not require mounting and dismounting operations, thus saving precious time and costly labour. Cleaning these moulds is much easier than traditional moulds, as a simple demould oiling and cleaning makes them ready for next use. Extraction of prepared sample is easy too, with the help of compressed air or water. Apart from Plastic & Polyurethane Cube Moulds, Zeal International also manufactures Cylinder Moulds, Beam Moulds and Gang Moulds made from Cast Iron, Plastic and Polyurethane.