Download Youtube Video without any Software


Are you wondering about the simplest way to download your favourite videos from YouTube? There are millions of people like you have the same question. Youtube has offline video saving mode to take video offline which does not let you save that video in your phone memory and for PC there is nothing. But, if you want to download YouTube videos without any software then this content will be really helpful for you. So, how can you actually do this? There are many websites available on the internet which is used to download any youtube videos. For this, in this content, we have shown the perfect website to download any youtube videos. This website is very user-friendly & also very easy to use. Download Youtube Video without any Software ------------------------------------------------- There are some easy steps which you have to follow with step-by-step to download it from YouTube. Step-1 At first, open YouTube and select any video which you want to download. Step-2 Then here you can see the URL of the YouTube video which you will find a top of the browser. youtube video download Step-3 After seeing the URL of the video, just replace with Example: youtube video download Step-4 After replacing the URL then press Enter bottom. make sure to remove https. Step-5 After press the Enter bottom, you will see your YouTube video page automatically redirected to the "" site. step-6 After loading the you will see download buttons below the video. step-7 Click on the download button it will show the list of formats followed by download button. Step-8 Now you can choose the resolution of the video which is available for that video. Step-7 After choosing the resolution of the video you will see the click download, download started automatically and after some time it will completely save in your computer Hard Drive. After you can watch it easily without spending any internet memory.